Five minutes with Will Sheils
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will sheils by zanzii bowers

WILL Sheils, also known on Facebook, YouTube and SoundCloud as Liberoceans, is a young musical talent from Lillico.

First published in the 12 December 2014 edition of the Warragul & Baw Baw Citizen.


With a sound which is a mix of folk and alternative, his music is unique.

Talking about his song writing process, Will said: “my melodies usually just come from jamming.”

“Basically, when I come across a melody that I like, I hone in on the mood which created it and base my lyrics on what that mood makes me think about.”

That is just one method Will utilizes when creating music, another method he has found effective is matching his melodies with poetry he has written previously.


“I don’t do it very often, but I do like it! I wouldn’t mind dabbling in the process a little more.”

As most performers do, Will has a wide variety of other artists from which he draws inspiration for his music; from Josh Pyke, Gotye, Moody Blues, Kate Miller-Heidke and many more.

“I definitely want an element of big vocals [as well as] a soulful element; which I like to use in my songs to make the most of my deep voice,” he said.

Will has played various gigs over the past couple of years, frequenting the 303 bar and busking occasionally on both Flinders and Swanston Streets in Melbourne.

His favourite show so far was at the Purple Emerald in Northcote.

Most recently, Will appeared as a showcasing performer at Rad-Ur-Day; a concert held at the West Gippsland Arts Centre in October by Headspace’s HYPE team. That performance prompted him to think about the local music scene.

“I loved what I saw at Rad-Ur-Day,” he said.

“It would be great to see more events like it. I think the music scene around our area is perhaps a bit disjointed, or maybe I’m out of the loop, [but] there are some amazing musicians around here.”


“I hope Warragul’s music scene becomes more diverse and encompasses more original music rather than covers… I think that’s how an area establishes a music scene, with artists paving the way to new places, especially when they have such defined different sounds.”

On the topic of his own future musical direction, Will said he would enjoy making more ambient electronic music.

“I’ve got melodies running through my head all the time,” he said.”

Will is currently knuckling down, writing more music and trying to familiarise himself with a recording program to make his music more accessible.

New free downloads could be on their way soon.

It’s no secret that Will is in the business for the music, not profit, and his donations policy proves that.

“I would love to do gigs and such [where] people come and donate to various good organizations like Oxfam,” he said.

“Not for my own profit, that’s what I’d like.”

You can catch Will playing live at the Farmers/Arts market in Warragul’s Civic park on Saturday 17 January from 11.00.

You can also check out his music on YouTube at, and soundcloud via

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