Envirospeak: Spring
 Envirospeak   By // 17:01, Saturday 10 December 2011

First published in Issue 2 of The Warragul Citizen. (28 September 2011.)
Issue 3 is coming out Monday afternoon.

Spring has sprung! And with it, a whole new vibrancy of natural life!

The bees are buzzing and the trees are blossoming ready for a summer of colourful, edible produce. Though it seems like such a simple and enjoyable thing, creating a vege patch can make your life a whole lot greener. (Not just your thumb!)


What we eat and where it comes from can have huge impacts on the environment. A vege patch will help lower your ‘Food miles’; the distance your food has travelled from farm to plate. The vege patch in your backyard doesn’t create the energy externalities that go into watering, fertilising, picking, packing and transporting large crops.

Last winter doctors found a lot of patients lacking in Vitamin D, and many studies have shown the great social and personal well-being benefits of spending time in a sunny garden. So find yourself some heirloom, unmodified seeds (this is important!), read up on organic gardening, talk to the local permaculture groups and get gardening!

Organic gardens are self-sustaining and functioning and will create the tastiest vegies around. Be good to yourself and the environment this season by planting a salad in your yard! Yum!

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