Community notice: Preparing for the fire season
 Baw Baw Community Notices   By // 14:57, Wednesday 17 October 2012

A message from the Warragul Fire Brigade:



Spring has sprung, the grass is growing the sun is starting to pop through and summer will soon be upon us. Whilst ground is still quite wet it won’t take long for things to dry out, so now is the time to start cleaning up around the house.

Did you know? A recent survey by the Red Cross found only one in five Victorians have made any preparations for a disaster, such as filling out a plan or packing an emergency kit? Are you one of the four that that don’t have a plan? Now is the time to complete your plan and ensure that you and your family are prepared to deal with an emergency before it is too late.

Know your risks, preparing a plan and discussing your plan with family, friends and neighbours is the best way to secure you and your families safety and wellbeing when an emergency strikes. So;

1. Be informed, understand your risks
2. Make a plan, so you don’t have to think about things when an emergency occurs
3. Have an emergency kit, things that you would like to take with you if you decide to leave
4. Know your neighbours, so you can help one another.


You can find more information by visiting CFA’s website:

 Would you like to know more? Bring the kids! Visit Warragul Fire Brigade at their station on Sunday the 25th November. 8 Gladstone Street, Warragul.


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