Rebooted computer store puts pep in everyone’s step
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Like the computers he upgrades, Jon Cavell has got Warragul Computer Repair running even better than when it was new.

Image: At Warragul Computer Repair’s new store, customers are invited to overclock their bodies as well as their CPUs. Photo: @WillPJK

Having moved to his new, larger store at 6 Smith Street Warragul late last month, four weeks ahead of schedule, Jon is already serving more customers and passing on the savings.


“The new shop has been amazing,” he said.

“We’re able to get jobs out the door substantially faster due to the improved workspace, we can work on more machines at once, and we can display more stock.

“I’m honestly surprised how much we managed to cram in the little old store – I initially didn’t order any new stock when moving and have still managed to fill most of the new shelves.

“Of course it certainly did not take long to add more items, once we finished moving in.


“We’re now selling more because people can see it!”

People have responded well to the new space, located only two doors up from the old store. The new site’s show floor alone is larger than the whole of the old shop, and there is a large separate workshop. Customers can find what they need more easily too thanks to new shelving and display cabinets.

“The general word is ‘this is so much better,’” he said.

Jon’s recently expanded range has even better pricing too.

“Our turnover on accessories is higher, therefore our prices are lower; and we’ve got some exclusive high end brands at half the price of those of the same quality,” he said.

“We have a stronger focus on having peripherals like mice and keyboards on display. It’s hard for people to compare the quality and feel until they try them out, and they can now easily do that in-store.

“The extra display space also allows us to show off LG’s excellent high-end IPS screens, which have come down in price. We have a focus on selling mid- to high-end equipment at very affordable prices.”

Jon is known for keeping all systems, new and old, ticking along nicely. He hates the throw-away mentality of department stores and likes to build and sell computers which will last.


“If I do a desktop build, I expect that to last for 10 years.”

“You will have the odd one which might require maintenance, but the overall system should last 10 years, which is the complete opposite of a department store viewpoint.”

More than a few people at once can fit through the door now and a “proper, high-end, computerised barista” serves customers coffee and makes them feel at home when they visit.

Jon plans to provide coffees to the general public too in exchange for a charity donation.

“The growth even in the first few weeks of the new store has been brilliant,” he said.

“We don’t know if it’s the financial year or the fact we’re able to handle more foot traffic, but I had 38 extra power points put in and we’ve run out already.”

Considering how quickly the store is growing, it’s a good thing there is still a little more room for Jon to expand operations at 6 Smith Street. He has organised for another dozen power points to be installed in the customer area along a largely unused bench top, and has a few uses in mind. One of them is really exciting for those wanting to get to know their computers a little better.

“We want to use the space to correctly train aspiring computer builders,” he said.

“If they’re purchasing parts from us and they want to have a go with the build, they can assemble it on the bench under professional supervision free of charge.

“It’s something we have always done but didn’t really have the room to do effectively. We’re now fully equipped to do that, including all the safety equipment like static straps, safe work zones, and good lighting.”

Jon is ACMA accredited and has almost 25 years experience in the IT industry.

Be sure to check out the new Warragul Computer Repair at 6 Smith Street, Warragul.

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