Warragul Computer Repair’s essential data safety tips
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Last fortnight I talked about what to do if you lose data. But what do you do to avoid ending up in that position to begin with?

Written by Jon Cavell of Warragul Computer Repair.

It’s important to remember nothing lasts forever and every storage device (especially mechanical hard disk drives) will eventually fail. But there are some simple things you can do to ensure your drive has the longest life possible.


This week’s column is focused on looking after your drives to avoid data loss, so I’ll quickly and loudly say…


…and move on.

If you have any questions about backups, drop into 6 Smith Street Warragul for a chat and to check out the options.

Moving forward…


There is too much to say about drive care and data protection to say in just one article, so here is the short dot point version. The long version with full explanations can be picked up in-store as part of our free PC owner’s guide entitled Getting the most out of your new PC.

  • Don’t bump your system.
  • Shut your system down properly before moving your computer or leaving it unattended. Sleep mode is not a proper shutdown.
  • Never let your laptop go completely flat while in use.
  • Use the correct power supply for your computer.
  • Use an uninterruptible power supply to counter bad power.
  • Don’t leave power cords suspended or draped anywhere they might be snagged and damage your computer.
  • Don’t use your notebook on your bed or lap.
  • Don’t leave electronic equipment in cars on hot days.
  • If you’re not running Windows 10, install a good quality antivirus package.
  • Don’t click Windows 10’s “fresh start” button without backing up first.
  • Keep laptops safe from thieves by not leaving them unattended and considering a Kensington lock.
  • Never carry a portable drive in a pocket or handbag.
  • Don’t use cheap camera cards from eBay.
  • Disable sleep mode if you use an SSD.
  • Don’t manually defrag a modern system.
  • If you keep seeing a recovery menu when booting, take it as a sign your drive is failing and bring it to us before it’s too late!

Take the above as 16 reasons to keep good backups!

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