Warragul Computer Repair’s big upgrade
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In the few years Jon Cavell has been running Warragul Computer Repair he has had some regular requests: “fix my computer,” “I would like a new computer,” and “pleeease get a bigger shop!”

The little Smith Street store has been the site of countless repairs, data recoveries, and new computer sales. But with every new customer arrival his biggest problem makes itself clear; the shop is just too small. Happily, Jon’s little shop is about to get a big upgrade: next month he moves two doors up to a bigger store at 6 Smith Street.


“The growth has been incredible.” Jon told the Baw Baw Citizen.

“People are always telling me I need a bigger shop, and now I am glad to say it’s finally happening.

“It has been quite a squeeze in here over the years – I often have people standing behind the counter because there’s no space left in front.

“There have even been times recently when literally every bench, desk, counter, and shelf in the store has been in full service as part of an active repair — and I’ve even had to fix the odd urgent job on the floor!


“This isn’t ideal.”

“I am really excited to have the space to be more efficient, and the opportunity to look at bringing a locally employed staff member on to help out.”

All of this is great news for customers and the local economy.

Jon’s lifelong passion for tech has kept him and his store at the front of the pack. The range Jon offers is greater than many expect, and with the move things will only get better.

“Customers can look forward to a wider range,” he said.

“The new store will have three times as much standing room, displays, and work space as the present store does, along with hands-on demonstration areas for new hardware and software.

“More space means we can provide a better customer experience”.

With personal computers now considered to be an essential item in the everyday life for an overwhelming majority of people, Jon has made a name for himself as the go-to computer guy.


“Word of mouth feedback has been amazing and especially important, as it is the main way new customers find out about the services we offer,” he said.

“It has been great to see the generosity of other community members too. I have been accepting usable eWaste – old computers, tablets, and so on – to service and pass on to charities, community groups, and people who need them.

“The much-needed additional storage space will provide me the tools to continue this program.”

One of Jon’s biggest community campaigns has been educating people on how to avoid malware and ransomware, as well as avoiding scammers and hackers. He keeps a blog of the latest threats at warragulcomputerrepair.com.au, speaks to community groups about staying safe online, and provides free, frequently updated fact sheets and videos to anyone who wishes to benefit from his professional advice.

Jon’s new shop at 6 Smith Street Warragul will open in July. But don’t worry if you need him now – it’s business as usual at 2 Smith Street until then!

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