International Women’s Day with Women in Gippsland
 Baw Baw What's On   By // 20:38, Sunday 25 February 2018

Women in Gippsland’s Making Big and Little Things Happen event is coming up on International Women’s Day!

The morning event, to be held at Lardner Park, will give local women “access to some of Gippsland’s best coaches who will motivate, inspire and a step you through your very own road map so that 2018 will be one of your best yet.”


At least 200 tickets to the 8 March event have been sold already, and there’s a cap of 250, so get in quick!

Booking details are available here.

A version of this story first appeared in the 25 February Baw Baw In Brief, which you can watch in full here:


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