Bbaandit Yarners rock the West Gippsland Arts Centre
 Baw Baw Entertainment   By // 15:56, Thursday 25 October 2012

Tied up: The Bbaandit Yarners put the finishing touches to the WGAC display. All photos by William Kulich.

Mouse house: Yarners attach their knitting to a light post.

BAW  Baw’s own guerrilla knitting group, the Bbaandit Yarners, have taken aim at the West Gippsland Arts Centre to celebrate this year’s Gardivalia festival.

A small troupe of knitters covered the large rocks outside the main entrance of the venue with wool, added woollen flowers to the lawn and jumpered a light pole.A spokesperson for the group told The Warragul Citizen they started working on the project two months ago.


It took two hours to assemble and attach the wool to the Arts Centre rocks, light pole and lawn.

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The group was unsure how the project would look when finished.

“The really interesting thing about this is seeing what works and what doesn’t,” the spokersperson said.


Last year the group, which is a part of the Baw Baw Arts Alliance, decorated the Warragul Railway Station to advertise the festival.

You can find the Bbandit Yarners on Facebook at

A Yarner secures a wool cover to one of the rocks.

Scene of the crime: The knitting as viewed from the WGAC main entrance path.

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