WGAC’s latest exhibition thinks outside the box
 Baw Baw Entertainment   By // 21:58, Friday 12 January 2018

The West Gippsland Arts Centre hasn’t let its long-time closure for renovations prevent it from showing art exhibitions.

Temporary fencing on the site’s eastern boundary has been covered in large prints of work by local artists.

Baw Baw Shire’s Arts and Culture Advisory Committee suggested creating the display to improve the building site’s appearance and give exposure to local artists in the lead-up to the Queen’s Baton Relay passing through the town next month.


Artists included in the exhibition are Sue Acheson, Chris Cochran, Naomi Duff, Anita George, Ros Godman, Keith Graham, Jill Harris, Phil Henshall, Russell Lilford, Donna O’Callaghan, Nicole Smith, Bec VanDyk, and Laurie Wasson.

Image: artists Sue Acheson and Bec Vandyk in front of their contribution to the exhibition. Image supplied by the Baw Baw Shire Council. All others by author.


If that seems like a long list, it’s nothing compared to the 50 expressions of interest the council received about the project.

Want to check the art out? You can find it along Civic Place in Warragul. Be aware that the road was made one-way on Monday to accommodate building works.

Would you like to see more displays like this around Baw Baw? Tell us in the comments below!

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