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the Musicians Liddy Wright by wombat lyons

Last month I took the opportunity to walk around one of Baw Baw’s highlights – the township of Jindivick.

Above: "The Musicians" by Liddy Wright. Photos and article by David "Wombat" Lyons.

Over the years I had heard of the Jindivick Sculpture Show, and I’m glad I finally took the time to head up the hills to see it this year.


This event, part of Creative Gippsland’s Arts Festival, has a long history. Event Organiser Graham Duell told me there had been about 20 works in the first year, but entries had grown to 44 this year with the potential for more growth in 2015.

As one of the region’s leading sculpture exhibitions the event attracts many visitors with the promise of an enjoyable afternoon walking past the wide variety of works located around the Jindivick township.

All types of Sculpture are on show with a mix of local and national artists. Artist Don Barrett, whose work at the 2013 show was acquired by the Rotary Club of Warragul for the redevelopment of Rotary Park, was successful again in 2014, winning a Baw Baw Shire acquisition for Rock Hole. That work will find a home in a Baw Baw Shire park.

This year a number of works from the show will travel up to the Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resort to be displayed at the opening of the winter season, including the appropriately named Whirling Winds by Issa Outtara and Alpine Snow by Joanne Creighton.


Reeds Tryptech Sue Acheson by david lyons

Above: Reeds Tryptech by Sue Acheson.

The Mt Baw Baw travelling exhibition will be open until 15 June at the resort, featuring the works which won the Baw Baw Travelling Selection.

Below are the full results, announced Saturday 10 May at the “Meet the Judges” event:

Baw Baw Shire Acquisition: Entry No 7, ‘Rock Hole’ by Don Barrett.
Mawarra Jindivick Community Garden Acquisition: Entry No 14, ‘Snowcatchers, waiting for winter’ by David Doyle.
Nangara reserve Acquisition: Entry No 13, ‘Maps’ by David Doyle.
Best Use of Traditional Materials: Entry No 3, ‘Habitat’ by Megan Puls.
Best Use of Non Traditional Materials: Entry No 17 ‘Untitled’ by Pimpisa Tinpalit.

Honourable Mentions
No 8 ‘Personal Trainer’ by Graham Duell
No 12 ‘If only Picasso had lived in the Latrobe Valley’ by Laurie Havillay.
No 26 ‘Heidi Hi’ by Collen Bright.
No 28 ‘Stargazer’ by Nicole Allen.

Baw Baw Travelling Selection
No 3 ‘Habitat’ by Megan Puls.
No 5 ‘Four Bob’ by Lawrence Marshall.
No 8 ‘Personal Trainer’ by Graham Duell
No 14 ‘Snowcatchers’ by David Doyle
No 21 ‘Mother and Child’ by Jocelyn Hee
No 25 ‘Summer Snowman’ by Sean Diamond
No 30 “Remember’ by Sue Osborne
No 31 ‘A Complex World’ by Laurie Collins
No 33 ‘Boat of Dreams’ by Laurie Collins
No 34 ‘Winter Flowers’ by Kristy Mills
No 35 ‘Spring Flowers’ by Kristy Mills
No 39 ‘Whirling Winds’ by Issa Outtara
No 47 ‘Alpine Snow’ by Joanne Creighton

Mark Cowie, Jeremy Francis and David Musker.


Congratulations to all the winners.

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