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ASPIRING film makers in Baw Baw have the opportunity to showcase their artistic vision and creativity in this year’s Baw Baw Raw! Film Prize.

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Secondary and tertiary school students up to the age of 25 are eligible to compete in the short film competition.


Each short film must be seven minutes or less and reference the program’s principle sponsor, Waterford Rise.

There has already been considerable interest from the community in  Baw Baw Raw!

Local businesses and community groups within Baw Baw have provided financial support and are helping spread the word about the film competition.

“Without the support of our sponsor, the Waterford Rise housing estate in Warragul, along with all the builders at the Waterford Rise display village, the program would never have got off the ground,” creator and manager of Baw Baw Raw! Marcus Tainsh said in a media release.


Baw Baw Raw! aims to provide young people with a creative outlet to foster their sense of leadership and involvement within the community.

“By offering this opportunity, we aim to significantly contribute to the happiness, confidence and health of our young adults through active involvement in community life.”

Budding young film makers in Baw Baw have until Monday 9 February to sign up.

Film entries for the competition close on Monday 16 March at 1700.

The winners of the Baw Baw Film Prize competition will be announced in April at the event’s screening night and will receive $1000.

Entrants who don’t win the top prize will be in the running to share in $3,000 worth of prizes.

Baw Baw residents will be able to view and comment on each short film via YouTube and Facebook.

Films cannot contain content of a graphic nature, including nudity or sex scenes, drug use, course language or excessive violence.


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