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WORDSMITHS of Gippsland are set to entertain the locals with original and popular poems at the upcoming Open House Drouin event.

Above: Another pop-up poet. Local Keith Osborne treats patrons of the Walhalla Easter Show with a poetry recital. Photo: Liz Dorsett.

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The Baw Baw Poetry Group will recite poems which illustrate the spirit and heritage of the town of Drouin at the French Pear Café.

The Baw Baw Poetry Group is a collection of 23 members of the Gippsland community who come together once a month for their love of poetry.

Organiser and founding member, Liz Dorsett said it is a “very diverse group”.

“It is for anyone who enjoys getting together and listening, reading, reciting and revelling in poetry in all its forms,” Ms Dorsett said.


The congregation accepts anyone who wants to have a go at either writing or reciting poetry.

The group was formed in August of 2014 and holds a meeting on the 2nd Thursday of every month from 19:00 at the Red Fox Café in Drouin.

Thirty people are currently members of the group, with around 10 meeting on a monthly basis.

“The feedback from many members is that they are grateful for the chance to share poetry with others,” Ms Dorsett said.

“Surprisingly, it is providing a constructive social connection for many residents.

“The BBPG is interested to add to the cultural events in Baw Baw.”

Open House Drouin will showcase the best of what Drouin has to offer, from the Old Butter Factory to the croquet club among many old local buildings.

The event will take place across the weekend of 2 May from 10.00 until 16.00 on both the Saturday and Sunday.


Poetry which captures the heart of Drouin will be heard at the French Pear Café from 15.00.

Anyone interested in joining the group or wanting more information can contact Liz Dorsett on 0428 775 033 or at lillibits@gmail.com.

“Membership is informal though we are considering formalising me-mbership because of the growing interest and invitation to Pop Up Poetry events,” Ms Dorsett said

“Members often spread the word and bring in new people.”

“Some people say they have mainly written for themselves or their families who have appreciated it but they didn’t know if their poetry was any good.

“They have been overwhelmed by the public response to the Ficifolia Poetry Night where nine members performed, many for the first time.

“The Limerick Bomber is one of the members with an urge to share old limericks.

“He tends to jump in and recite a short limerick between others performing.

“It’s just a bit of fun!”

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