Review: Robin Hood – Warragul Youth Theatre
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A fun, fresh, musical revisiting of an old story.

Above: Robin Hood cast photo. Source: Warragul Youth Theatre Facebook page.

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Performed as school holiday entertainment at the West Gippsland Arts Centre over the past week, the play followed the well-known story of the mythical hero with some twists and turns along the way.

The musical comedy was set in the London of old where the people are unjustly ruled by an evil, over-taxing tyrant, the Sheriff of Nottingham (Joshua Harkness).

However, gallant rebel Robin Hood (Teigan Bliss), sought to uphold justice by taking back the money and repaying the poor, as well as winning the heart of his dear Maid Marion (Abbey Peterson).

Despite the story seeming tired, this production revived it for both children and adults alike.


While the story was set in older times, it was pulled into the present with references to iPhones, public relations and the omnipresence of modern media.

One of the highlights was the duo of the Sheriff and Prince John (Sebastian Crowle), as the Sheriff manipulates the prince where he pleases.

Robin being played by a woman was also a welcome change from the overbearing masculinity of the character.

Warragul Youth Theatre’s Robin Hood was an extremely funny re-telling of a story of good against evil with plenty of slapstick and musical numbers which kept all members of the family entertained. Keep an eye out for future WYT productions.

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  1. David Wombat Lyons says:

    sounds like it was a fantastic event for young people to take part in