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Glenys Mann cloth art

THE STATION Gallery in Yarragon will be exhibiting the work of globally renowned textile artist Glenys Mann next week.

Above: An example of Glenys Mann's work. Images from Mann's website. Click here for her gallery.

‘Looking Back’ will run from 25 May to 31 May at the Yarragon station arts hub.


The show will display art made throughout Mann’s 25-year career, including woolen blankets and other works made using various fabrics.

Ms Mann’s work is reflective of a personal, inner process which allows her to create the piece in her mind before making it.


Her creations have featured in several competitions and installations worldwide, including the American Quilt National exhibition in Ohio and the World of Wearable Art Museum in New Zealand.


Ms Mann said in a media release the exhibition was a “re-settlement” after going through some tough times in recent years, which would allow her to look towards future projects.

The exhibition will open from 10:15 until 16:00.

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