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Warragul Youth Theatre will begin its performances of The Wizard of Oz later this. The Warragul & Baw Baw Citizen caught up with the cast to talk about what the production, and the story, meant to them.

Above: In costume: Claire Thomas, Teigan Bliss and Grace Attard. Photo supplied by Warragul Youth Theatre.

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WBBC: What was it about the Wizard of Oz that made you want to be involved in the production and what can people expect?

Nicholas Clark (Tin Man): Well I’ve been involved in WYT from a young age, and when I heard they were putting this show on I just had to be in it. It would be strong finale to my time involved. It’s their first big show they’re putting on. They’ve always done locally written shows. It’s really exciting to see them doing something big.

Grace Attard (Dorothy): We are sticking very close to the original storyline. We are hoping it will be just like the movie.

WBBC: Are the characters diffi-cult to play?


Kyle Wright (The Wizard): I basically just practiced my lines and tried to make the character me and not the original actor.
I wouldn’t say it’s a difficult role to play but it is definitely interesting to play.

WBBC: The original film came out in 1939 and remains popular today. Why is it still relevant?

Teigan Bliss (Glinda): Because it’s such a classic story! The idea that there is “somewhere over the rainbow” with witches, munchkins and talking animals is amazing, and the themes, no matter how old, are still relevant today.

WBBC: The characters you’re playing encourage us to reflect and build on ourselves. What have you learnt from your characters?

Claire Thomas (The Lion): The Lion really teaches the mess-age of being yourself. He keeps trying to impress everyone and show false bravado but when he is himself, he is accepted by the others. Whenever you play a char-acter, you take a little bit of them with you, and playing the Lion has made me more confident.

WBBC: How has the story chan-ged for you having been part of it?

Grace: I’ll never want to watch the movie again because I can say every word of it!

Claire: There’s a lot of things that you don’t pick up on in the movie! I think it has made me appreciate the story more.


Nicholas: I never perceived the play in such a way as this. I just knew it and enjoyed it. But really analysing the texture of the play has added a new diversity, which I find really cool. Come and see it!

Performance deets:
30 Sep 1400
01 Oct 1100 and 1400
02 Oct 1400 and 1900
03 Oct 1400
West Gippsland Arts Centre, Warragul

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