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This is an unedited candidate statement from Joe Gauci. If you are standing in the upcoming election, send a candidate statement of 250 words or less, one picture (optional) and one video (optional – must be uploaded to candidate’s own YouTube account) to for publication.

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Joe Gauci. Image: Supplied.

My name is Joe Gauci and l want to be your council representative in the Warragul ward. I have lived in Warragul for 22 years with 4 Generations of my family now living here. l have owned an operated small business in Warragul for that whole time so l feel l am in touch with the realities of what the town needs.

In my opinion the community has lost faith and trust in our current councillors and to be quite frank they do not believe that they are being heard. My idea of a good councillor is someone who listens to the citizens, takes there argument to council and the goes back to the citizen with an honest and truthful answer, it may not always be what they want to here, but at least it will be the truth.

As a council we need to get back to the core fundamentals of services to the community,


A council who makes decisive and common sense decisions.
A council that shows sound financial decision making and one that lives within it’s limits.
A council that maintains the basics needs to the best standards which includes roads, drainage, rubbish collection etc.
A council that gives the man/women in the street the right to have their say.
A council that is determined to move our shire council into a prosperous future for all.

l know to a lot of people a statement is only words that are quickly forgotten, but l am determined to be your representative and show you that l am a man of my word.

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