Candidate Statement: Roger A. Marks, Drouin Ward – Baw Baw 2012
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This is an unedited candidate statement from Roger A. Marks. Please note candidate statements are not fact checked.

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Roger Marks. Image: Supplied.


It is evident to many people that there is something terribly amiss with our Council. When the law states that no more than 20% of income is to be spent on administration and the Council ignore this, we cannot in all honesty have confidence in the Council.


We were told that the rates would be increased on average 11%. Mine were increased 25%. I believe others have had increases greater than 25%. I will not support increases of this magnitude.

Ratepayers are not a bottomless pit, to be milked of money to support grandiose schemes thought up by Council. A classic example is the $13 million white elephant outdoor pool, which will only be used 3 months a year. If I am elected, I will do all I can to stop it because we cannot afford it.

The standoff between Council and our road repair contractor needs to be resolved so that we can get on repairing roads that desperately need it.

There are many people struggling financially, especially pensioners so compassionate treatment must be given to those financially stressed.

Already, I have been made aware of a resident that is being held over a barrel because of a wrong decisions made by Council and it could cost him $50,000. If elected I have promised to go into bat for him.

If you want platitudes or nice sounding phrases, please don’t vote for me. If you want action and common sense decisions, I am your man.

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