Fashions on show at the Thorpdale Potato Festival (Gallery)
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thorpdale potato festival hessians on the field warragul baw baw citizen  by william pj kulich

OVER 10,000 people headed for the hills early last month to attend the Thorpdale Potato Festival.

First published in the 13 March 2015 edition of the Warragul & Baw Baw Citizen.


Above: Hessians on the Field entrants in their dresses. Image 1: Nansi Kunze in a dress made by herself based on a real 18th century dress. Image 2: Tara Brusco in a dress designed by Kim Pauly. Image 3 (top): Zali Fitzgerald and Stella Gould in family-made dresses. Image 4 (bottom): Sarah Betros and Jaci Hicken in dresses designed and made by Moz Corrie. Image 5: Chantelle Schena, in a dress made and designed by herself, with Jasmina Giardina, in a dress designed by herself and made by Natalina Castello. Image 6: Selina Morley in a dress made by herself. Photos by William PJ Kulich.

The huge crowd watched and participated in spud picking, throwing and racing activities designed for all ages.

There was even a potato sack fashion festival – Hessians on the Field.

A shearing competition, classic cars, market stalls and classic traction exhibitions also entertained festival-goers.


It was the first time the event, run to promote the region has been run in over a decade.

thorpdale potato festival activities warragul baw baw citizen  by william pj kulich

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2 responses to “Fashions on show at the Thorpdale Potato Festival (Gallery)”

  1. jock knight says:

    looks like a lot of fun ; will be on holiday to Warragul on the 8th of may ,and can someone tell me what life is like in the nice wee town ,will bring my mandolins, jock.

  2. David Wombat Lyons says:

    spud picking races were fun to watch