Gallery: Four-legged kids at Yarragon Goats
 Baw Baw Galleries   By // 10:27, Friday 11 July 2014

wombat with goat one by william pj kulich

Above: David ‘Wombat’ Lyons of Yarragon Goats holds an under-one-week-old boer kid at his farm. Mr Lyons’ does began kidding early last month and the young goats are now exploring his paddocks.

yarragon goats 6 by william pj kulich


yarragon goats 5 by william pj kulich

Above: Stephen the goat whisperer. This little guy went to sleep in his arms.

yarragon goats 4 by william pj kulich

yarragon goats 2 by william pj kulich



yarragon goats 3 by william pj kulich

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5 responses to “Gallery: Four-legged kids at Yarragon Goats”

  1. David lyons says:

    Love the photos

  2. Maxine says:

    Fantastic photos

  3. di says:

    congratulations David on your venture with Boer goats – all the best for its future 🙂 PS – they look very cute!

  4. Sue Jacka says:

    Great pics Wombat. Glad the season is going well for .

  5. Tessa Emmerson says:

    Another successful Gippsland venture under way. Well done, David, to you and the goats.