Amor targets CSG, roads, health in McMillan campaign
 Baw Baw News   By // 05:07, Tuesday 3 September 2013

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KATTER’S Australian Party candidate for McMillan David Amor has named coal seam gas, roads and health as key issues for the electorate this election.

Listen to the interview: click the YouTube play button above to hear the full interview.


In an interview with The Warragul Citizen last month Mr Amor said incumbent Russell Broadbent was unable to help the electorate.

“Russell Broadbent, he’s a guy who’s behind party, he says things he wants to do but the party will never allow him to do,” Mr Amor said.

“We need direction for McMillan; coal seam gas – absolutely no for Victoria, absolutely no for McMillan because of our food sources and everything else like that.

“We’ve got to get our health and our roads up and going and that’s one of the big issues for around here – you have just got to have a look at our roads mate here and the costs it’s costing everyone (sic).”


Saying his concerns were fundamentally financial, Mr Amor was unable to explain how his party would fix the problems. His initial response was: “the most important thing is we really have to work out what what money we have actually physically got to spend.”

Mr Amor went on to say “first of all we have to fix infrastructure.” And when asked how: “how mate? It comes to money.”

“We’ve got to spend X, Y and Z and I physically cannot tell you how much of X, Y and Z there is.”

“If we had the money the most important thing is we have to do (sic) infrastructure and jobs first, then fix our roads, then fix our health.

“Let’s face it, the wheel is broken but it’s not just the spokes; there’s a lot of things that needs to be done.”

When asked about his views on gay marriage, an issue KAP candidates have diverged from the party line on in the past, Mr Amor said “marriage is between a man and a woman”.

“I was born and grown up and (sic) what it really is is marriage is between a man and a woman, that’s where it’s going to be, between a man and a woman,” Mr Amor said.

“If we come to a conscience vote, and that’s how it looks like it’s going to go, my conscience [says] it’s between a man and a woman.”


Mr Amor said he was confident a non-major party candidate could get elected to represent McMillan.

“It won’t be the two parties that gets into (sic) McMillan because [people] are sick and tired of what they haven’t been getting,” Mr Amor said.

“Kissing babies means absolutely nothing.”

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