Fire forecasts worsen for Drouin, Longwarry, Neerim South, Jindivick
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Bushfire smoke over Warragul yesterday.

More of Longwarry has been included in the Bunyip State Park bushfire emergency warning, while Drouin, Jindivick, part of Neerim South, and surrounding towns have been told to watch and act.

//For the latest on the fires, visit

UPDATE (10.25pm): The Watch and Act area has been expanded as far north east as Noojee, and Icy Creek. Visit for up-to-date information.

The warning and watch and act areas at 10.20pm today. For the latest map, visit

OLD COVERAGE (1.43PM 3/3/19):

The bushfire flared up yesterday, placing towns from Tynong to Longwarry and north to Tonimbuk at risk. The Princes Freeway, highway, and rail lines between Drouin and Nar Nar Goon have also been forced to close.

Emergency services today extended the Watch and Act area as far east as Drouin East and Crossover.

The warning and watch and act areas at 1.05pm today. For the latest map, visit

The information below is from at 1.30pm. The watch and act notice for towns including Drouin, Neerim South, and Jindivick is listed after the emergency warning for Longwarry.


This information was correct at time of publication, but the situation can change at any time. Visit for the latest information.

Emergency warning:

This Emergency Warning is being issued for Bunyip, Bunyip North, Cornucopia, Garfield, Garfield North, Gentle Annie, Iona, Labertouche, Longwarry, Longwarry North, Maryknoll, Nar Nar Goon, Nar Nar Goon North, Tonimbuk, Tynong, Tynong North.

  • There is a bushfire at Bunyip State Park that is not yet under control.
  • The bushfire is travelling in a southerly direction towards Princes Freeway.
  • This fire is threatening homes and lives.

You are in danger and need to act immediately to survive

The safest option is to take shelter indoors immediately. It is too late to leave.

Leaving now would be deadly.

What you should do:

You should move indoors: 

  • Bring your pets inside.
  • Protect yourself by wearing long sleeves and trousers, made from cotton or wool. Wear leather boots.
  • Close all exterior doors, windows and vents and turn off cooling systems.
  • You must take shelter before the fire arrives. The extreme heat is likely to kill you well before the flames reach you.
  • Shelter in a room that has two exits including one directly to the outside. It is important to be able to see outside so you know what is happening with the fire.
  • If your home catches on fire and the conditions inside become unbearable, you need to get out and go to an area that has already been burnt. 

If you cannot get indoors, last resort options include:

  • Shelter in the middle of a large open area like a ploughed paddock, football oval or sporting reserve.
  • Get into a  large body of water like a dam, lake, river, the ocean or inground pool.
  • Try to protect yourself from the fire’s heat.

If you are travelling: 

  • If you are travelling, do not enter the warning area. U-turn to safety. 
  • If you are currently driving slow down and turn on your headlights. Smoke will make it difficult to see.

If you are caught in fire in your car: 

  • Park behind a solid structure to block the fire’s heat or pull over to cleared area.
  • Try to position the car towards the approaching fire.
  • Turn on your hazard lights and headlights.
  • Close all windows. 
  • Turn off the air-conditioning and shut all the air vents. 
  • Turn your car engine off. 
  • Get down as low as possible below window level and cover up with a woollen blanket.

Impacts in your area: 

  • The following roads are closed: Princes Freeway is closed in both directions, between Nar Nar Goon Interchange and the Princes Highway, Drouin.
  • Alternative route – Make your way to South Gippsland Highway.. 
  • Trees can be extremely hazardous during a bushfire. Fire affected or burnt trees can fall on you without warning. Avoid standing, parking or travelling through areas of fire affected trees.

This message was issued by Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning.

The next update is expected by 03/03/2019 02:10 pm or as the situation changes.

Watch and Act

This Watch & Act message is being issued for Bayles, Brandy Creek, Bravington, Buln Buln, Catani, Cora Lynn, Crossover, Drouin, Drouin East, Drouin South, Drouin West, Jindivick, Jindivick North, Jindivick West, Modella, Neerim South, Ripplebrook, Robin Hood, Rokeby, Tarago, Vervale.

  • This Watch and Act replaces the Watch and Act issued at 8:30am.
  • There is a bushfire at Bunyip State Park that is not yet under control.

Firefighters have not been able to stop the spread of the fire. Staying close to a building you can shelter in is the safest option as conditions can change suddenly.

Continue to stay informed and monitor conditions.

What you should do:

  • Monitor changes to the situation. Increased wind speed, change in wind direction, smoke or poor visibility can indicate the situation is changing.
  • If you are away from home, do not return.

If the situation changes you will need to leave quickly. Plan to:

  • Take your pets, medications, mobile phone and charger.
  • Travel to the home of family or friends that are away from the warning area or Bunyip State Park.

Emergency Services may not be able to help you if you decide to stay. Impacts in your area:

  • The following roads are closed: Princes Highway in both directions between Nar Nar Goon Interchange and the Princes Highway in Drouin. Alternative Route is the South Gippsland Highway.
  • Check the VicTraffic website ( or call 13 11 70 for road closures.
  • Bushfires can generate extreme heat. Heat will kill you before the fire reaches you. 

This message was issued by Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning.

The next update is expected by 03/03/2019 03:20 pm or as the situation changes.

Information from AusNet Services

Electricity provider AusNet Services released this information at 6pm yesterday:

AusNet Services, the operator of Victoria’s electricity transmission network, is closely monitoring the progress of the fire in the Bunyip State Park.

The fire is several kilometres away from the transmission lines linking the Latrobe Valley and Melbourne.

With the ongoing support of the CFA, there is currently no risk that Victoria’s electricity supplies will be disrupted by the fire.

On our local electricity distribution network in the area, about 50 customers around the Tonimbuk area are off supply because of an unrelated fault. Access to the area is limited by the fire, and we may not be able to restore supply to these customers until give clearance to enter the area by the CFA.

We will continue to monitor the situation and work closely with the CFA and emergency authorities.

A message from Longwarry and District Fire Brigade

[Added to story at 2PM] The Longwarry and District Fire Brigade yesterday posted the video below to Facebook showing how quickly a fire can flare up.

“Very short video of our crew from Longwarry taken on 2/3/19 at around 7.30pm,” the caption read.

“Although it is a short video it shows just how quickly the fire takes off.

“The crews spent the day just waiting for this moment and jumped in to action along with Bunyip crews and others that helped save a property from burning.

“This is a good reminder that it is safer to leave early than to stay and defend. A house can be replaced a life cannot.”

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