Baw Baw a ‘netherworld’ between Melbourne and the Valley
 Baw Baw News   By // 21:01, Friday 20 July 2018

Former KPMG demographer Bernard Salt was in Warragul recently to speak to councillors and council staff about where he sees the region going.

This article was first published in our 14 June print edition.

Bernard opened by describing Baw Baw as being a “netherworld” – not quite city, not quite country, but a place which will develop.


He said agricultural land across the country should be more highly valued as the planet heads toward 11 billion people later this century.

“We have what the world will progressively want in great volumes over the next our decades,” Bernard said.

One of the more interesting contentions of Bernard’s presentation was that Melbourne should support “sub-regions” in areas like Dandenong.

“I see a Chatswood or Parramatta type CBD in Dandenong, with a big feeder area,” he said.


With bigger businesses based in centres closer to regional Victoria, he said access to work for people in areas like Baw Baw would improve.

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