Baw Baw Citizen’s TOP 10 STORIES of 2017
 Baw Baw News   By // 18:59, Saturday 6 January 2018

We’re a little late to the party with our 2017 wrap-up, but our top 10 stories list is finally here!

This list shows the most popular stories on the Baw Baw Citizen website in 2017, from least (10) to most (1) popular.


We have chosen to exclude police stories from our list. While they were among the most popular stories on the site, it does not feel right to include them in this round-up.

10: Ten chosen to carry Queen’s Baton through Warragul

It seems appropriate that our #10 includes the number 10!

This story covered the announcement of who would carry the Commonwealth Games’ Queen’s Batton through Warragul this year. Click here to read.


9: Baw Baw’s new bus services are go!

Our bus services had a major overhaul last year, and it all started on 14 May! Click here to read.

8: Gas leak shuts part of Warragul CBD

A gas line leak near the Warragul Police Station closed roads in late October. Click here to read.

7: Baw Baw encouraging drug addiction and support centre submissions

Councillors made a decision to reject this application at their last council meeting of the year.

We will have full coverage of that decision on the site soon. Click here to read.


6: Are these Warragul’s biggest Tigers fans?

Our Facebook post for this one went viral, so it’s no surprise the story makes an appearance in this list! Click here to read.

The South East Free Press published a follow-up to this story, which you can read here.

5: Labor rejects Blackwood’s West Gippsland Hospital claim

Warragul’s hospital is a hot topic in Baw Baw, so we are again unsurprised this story about alleged delays in planning for its future reached number five. Click here to read.

4: Celebrations as restored Spirit of Warragul returns home

The return of A2 986 to Warragul drew huge crowds on the streets and on our website! Click here to read and see more pics.

3: Warragul: A town cut in two

It seems our feature on the Queen Street milk factory site is still popular over six years after its publication! Click here to read.

2: Warragul café workers underpaid almost $9,000

A Fair Work Commission decision on a Warragul cafe’s pay dispute was big news in 2017. Click here to read.

1: McMillan says yes, but Russell Broadbent won’t support same sex marriage

One of the nation’s biggest stories of 2017 was also one of our biggest: the legalisation of same sex marriage.

Local MP Russell Broadbent foreshadowed his vote against change shortly after the marriage equality survey results came in. Click here to read.

Our top video

We’re really pleased our most popular video of the year was also the one the most time and effort went into!

The first episode of Visit Baw Baw has been incredibly well received, and you can watch it again below.

If you want to go anywhere featured in the video, check out our full article for details.

You can find all our videos from last year on our YouTube page.


What was your big story of 2017? What are you looking forward to in 2018? Let us know in the comments below.

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