2008-2012 Baw Baw Councillors thanked at last meeting [Pictures]
 Baw Baw News   By // 17:41, Friday 2 November 2012

BAW Baw Shire Councillors for the 2008-2012 term were officially thanked and farewelled in a ceremony at their last meeting.

During a suspension of standing orders, Baw Baw CEO Helen Anstis presented all councillors present at the end of the term with a certificate of service.


Ms Anstis also reflected on the challenges the councillors faced.

“This council was elected in November 2008 and in February 2009 we suffered catastrophic fires and a significant recovery process ensued, which really cemented and galvanised this council,” Ms Anstis said.

Ms Anstis also highlighted degrading roads after the drought broke, the Warragul outdoor pool issue, the Trafalgar Tip closure, Baw Baw 2050 and major infrastructure developments as key issues during the term.

Councillors were invited to take their official name plates at the end of the meeting.


The photos below are from the presentation ceremony. Ms Anstis is on the left of all photos except Cr Balfour’s.

Photos supplied by the Baw Baw Shire Council.

Diane Blackwood, Warragul ward.

Tony Wolfe, Warragul ward.

Julie Grant, Warragul ward.

Adam Tyson, Drouin ward.

Tricia Jones, Drouin ward. (RETURNED in 2012 election.)

Bill Harrington, Mount Worth ward. (RETURNED at 2012 election.)


Peter Kostos, Mount Worth ward.

David Balfour, North Ward. (RETURNED at 2012 election.)

Mel Neil, North ward.

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