Baw Baw provisional results declared: Three incumbents survive [Updated video interviews]
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This is, provisionally, your new council (from left):
Top row: Warragul ward: Joe Gauci, Gerard Murphy, Mikaela Power.
Middle row: Drouin Ward: Tricia Jones, Terry Williamson. North ward: Deborah Brown.
Bottom row: North ward: David Balfour. Mount Worth ward: Murray Cook, Bill Harrington. Photos: William Kulich, except Murphy and Power (supplied).

PROVISIONAL results for the 2012 Baw Baw Shire Council elections show all Warragul ward councillors replaced and just three of seven standing incumbents returned to office.

WATCH:Video interviews with eight of the successful candidates.
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The provisional results, which are likely to be the final results if no challenges or withdrawals are made, show a council with six new councillors.

Latest: Vote declared: Baw Baw, this is your new council!

Warragul ward will be represented by Joe Gauci, who received the highest number of primary votes in the ward, Gerard Murphy and Mikaela Power.

Ian Clarke and Geoff Anderson both received higher primary votes than Gerard Murphy and Mikaela Power, but preferences saw them pushed out of contention.


Drouin ward will be represented by Tricia Jones and Terry Williamson, who received the highest and second highest primary votes in their ward respectively.

Mount Worth ward will be represented by Murray Cook and Bill Harrington, who also received the highest and second highest primary votes in their ward respectively.

Councillor Harrington has been on the council for 15 years, and his re-election will allow him to reach 19 years as a Baw Baw Shire councillor.

North Ward will be represented by David Balfour, who received the highest primary vote of any ward at 58.80 per cent, and Deborah Brown, who received the second highest primary vote in the ward.

Incumbent councillors seeking re-election but who were not re-elected were Warragul’s Diane Blackwood and Julie Grant, Mount Worth’s Mel Neil and North ward’s Peter Kostos.

Diane Blackwood was Mayor leading into the election, a position she had held for two years.

The result will be officially declared at a meeting in the Council Chambers at 9am tomorrow morning.

You can view the complete vote result at


Video interviews:

Update: Interviews with Power and Harrington after declaration:

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