Baw Baw raises over $9,000 for men’s health in Movember
 Baw Baw News   By // 11:54, Tuesday 4 December 2012

BAW Baw Shire residents raised over $9,000 for men’s health through Movember last month, with the Warragul area alone raising at least $5,741.

Shaving back the years: Jeff Miles has his 36-year-old moustache shaved off for Movember.
Image: Supplied.


Warragul man Jeff Miles raised the largest amount in Baw Baw, shaving his 36-year-old moustache for $3,466 after being dared to take part by co-workers.“I had it for 36 years, grew it just after we got married and it’s the first time my children have seen me without a moustache,” Mr Miles told The Warragul Citizen.

“A couple of our co-workers [dared] me to get involved in Movember, and I said I’ll take it off for $1000 and they had to get the donations.”

Asked what encouragement he has for other men with decade-old moustaches to shave for Movember, Mr Miles said “it rejuvenates you, you get another innings.”

“It’s raising money for a good cause, for research for male health.”


Mr Miles said he might take part in Movember again next year, but one thing is holding him back:

“I haven’t got a moustache! I might have to grow the moustache back on.”

Warragul men Chris Millis and Daniel Trevenen also raised $1,475 and $800 for Movember respectively.

Neerim South area raised at least $970, Drouin area at least $922 and Trafalgar area at least $915.

At least 116 people across the shire registered to participate in Movember, with 74 of those registrations coming from Warragul.

Movember organisers told The Warragul Citizen the total amount raised by Baw Baw cannot be revealed by the charity as some participants choose not to reveal their location or the amount raised.

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