Narracan results as of end of Saturday
 Narracan 2014   By // 23:20, Saturday 29 November 2014

election day warragulo north count 2 warragul baw baw citizen by william pj kulich

Here are the results for Narracan at the moment. More counting will take place tomorrow and on Monday. (Above image is of counting at the Warragul North Primary School booth earlier today. Photo by William PJ Kulich.)

Two party preferred


Liberal: 60.52 per cent (Gary Blackwood has declared victory – scroll down for more details)

Labor: 39.48 per cent


Individual candidate first preferences


Liberal (Blackwood): 54.50 per cent

Labor (Marten): 29.89 per cent

Greens (McKelvie): 9.05 per cent

Country Alliance (Snelling): 4.14 per cent

Rise Up Australia (Baker): 2.42 per cent

INFORMAL: 4.18 per cent of total vote

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