With Labor in government, what can Narracan look forward to?
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With Labor set to form majority government after yesterday’s election, voters can expect a number of key projects promised for Narracan by the party during the campaign to be delivered.

One of Labor’s earliest pitches to major regional Victorian towns was the introduction of 2am buses from Melbourne on weekends. The “Homesafe” program was covered in some details by WBBC earlier this year. Click here to see the article or check out an infographic from that story below:


homesafe gippsland infographic the warragul citizen compressed B

Other public transport promises include the purchase of 20 new VLocity railcars to help improve capacity on Victoria’s growing regional lines, but the incoming public transport minister has not confirmed which lines those units will end up on.

Fourteen level crossings will be removed from the Pakenham and Cranbourne lines, which Labor says will benefit Gippsland commuters.

“The Cranbourne/Pakenham line is really important for having a good Gippsland line because we need to remove those level crossings in order to continue to put more services on the line,” then-shadow public transport minister Jill Jennessy told the Warragul & Baw Baw Citizen last month


Labor has made a large number of commitments to education across the state, including increases to TAFE funding, a $10 million fund to assist teachers and schools educate students with special needs and the reintroduction of technical schools, including one in Gippsland.

Labor has also announced a fund to help improve access to music education in schools and promised $510 million for government school rebuilding projects state-wide.

A “comprehensive study” into the healthcare needs of West Gippsland will be undertaken under Labor. Click here for more.

A large number of other policies will also affect people in Narracan, but the above are the key issues identified by Labor as important for this electorate during the campaign.

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