Sound & Vision Episode 1: Live Art in Yarragon with ShyRobyn, Janine Good and Sue Keirnan – TWC TV
 Baw Baw Music   By // 13:45, Tuesday 22 May 2012

Episode 1 of TWC TV’s Sound & Vision program.

Sound & Vision features sound slide presentations from around the Baw Baw Shire.


Episode 1 looks at last Friday’s “Live Art” performance at the Baw Baw Arts Alliance Arts Hub in Yarragon, and features music by local band ShyRobyn and interviews with exhibition director Susan Keirnan, artist Janine Good, and ShyRobyn vocalist and guitarist Dan Mackinnon.

This video is available in full HD. To view in full HD, start playing the video, click the cog icon (quality settings) immediately below the video and select 1080p. You can make the video full screen by clicking the button in the bottom right of the video.

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7 responses to “Sound & Vision Episode 1: Live Art in Yarragon with ShyRobyn, Janine Good and Sue Keirnan – TWC TV”

  1. wombat lyons says:

    well done Warragul Citizen on the coverage and on the fantastic photos

  2. Helen Timbury says:

    Loved it. Please do more of this.

  3. Thanks Wombat!
    And thanks too Helen – I’m proud to say that’s the plan!

  4. Sue Keirnan says:

    Wow! Great film Will and thanks for supporting our local artists and getting the story out there 😀

  5. Ingrid Thomas says:

    Well done to Sue Kiernan of the BawBaw Arts Alliance, for her vision in puting on the event!

  6. Janine Good says:

    Thanks Will for being there to cover our performance, probably would have slipped into oblivion otherwise, I’ve had great feedback about the whole event, the energy behind it, a great opportunity to share art experience usually confined to a private studio. Thanks to Bbaa and yourself for helping to put it out there, cheers!

  7. Sally Alsop says:

    Sensational! Well done, an exciting concept.