Bookworms dig in at Warragul Library sale [Video]
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Bookworms dig in at the Warragul Library book fair

Did you get to the #Warragul Library book fair today? It's a great fundraiser – watch our video report to find out more. #GippsNews

Posted by The Warragul Citizen on Friday, 6 November 2015

Rain didn’t stop an enthusiastic group of local readers queuing on Friday morning for the Friends of the Warragul Library Book Sale.

This text is a transcript of the video report above. To watch the report, press play.


DAVID SCHMITT: It’s been good so far, yes. Good start, what was it 55 or something rushing in at the door, that’s good.

The annual sale of surplus library and donated books always attracts a crowd. Money raised goes to the library and last year brought in $700. The year before that it brought in $1,500.

According to organiser David Schmitt, this year’s result will be known in coming weeks.

DAVID SCHMITT: The non-fiction usually goes very quickly and usually by this time the children’s tables will be pretty well cleared, so yes, things are moving a bit slow I those areas this year but it’s always very difficult to work out how you’re going until the end when you see there’s an enormous number of empty cartons.


Hundreds of people attended the sale at the West Gippsland Arts Centre, including a teacher…

TEACHER: This is by first year, so it has been really great to find books for the classroom

… a blogger…

BLOGGER: I like to collect books from the library because I’m after all different kinds of unique cook books to add to my collection and put on my blog.

… and other bookworms…

QUESTION: What books have you found today?

BOOK SALE ATTENDEE: Mostly Australiana, history, and some technical, woodworking, I was looking for some fossicking, gold fossicking but couldn’t find any.

The total number of books on sale is unknown, but the many bought by the bag will be starting their next chapter at a new home.


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