Candidate nominations close, ballot drawn – Baw Baw 2012
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Electoral lottery: Candidates and concerned residents gather to watch the VEC determine the order nominees will appear in on Baw Baw Shire Council ballot papers. Image: William Kulich.

Warragul ward
□ Hans van Meurs (New)
□ Peter van Kaathoven (New)
□ Joe Gauci (New)
□ Michael Grogan (New)
□ Gerard Murphy (New)
□ Mikaela Power (New)
Diane Blackwood (Incumbent)
□ Mick Fleming (New)
□ Geoff Anderson (New)
Julie Grant (Incumbent)
□ Ian Clark (New)
Drouin ward
□ Keith Cook (New)
□ Neil Brennan (New)
□ Tricia Jones (Incumbent)
□ Terry Williamson (New)
□ Roger A. Marks (New)
Mount Worth ward
Ian Honey (New)
□ Terry Stroud (New)
□ Brian Rankin (New)
□ Murray Cook (New)
□ Peter Kostos (Incumbent)
□ Bill Harrington (Incumbent)
North ward
David Balfour (Incumbent)
□ Deborah Mary Brown (New)
□ Darren Short (New)
□ Mel Neil (Incumbent)

TWENTY-SIX candidates will contest Baw Baw’s four wards in the October 27 Council elections.


Nominations closed midday today, with 11 candidates nominating for Warragul ward, six for Mount Worth ward, five for Drouin ward and four for North ward.

Only two sitting councillors will not contest the elections; Warragul ward’s Tony Wolfe and Drouin ward councillor Adam Tyson.

Several Warragul ward candidates will campaign as part of a united ticket – a bloc of candidates subscribing to a set of beliefs.

The order candidates will appear in on ballot papers was determined by a computerised draw conducted this afternoon.


In 2008 a total of 25 candidates contested the elections; 13 candidates nominated for Warragul ward, five for Drouin ward, four for North ward and three for Mount Worth ward.

The full list of candidates in ballot paper order is on the right of this screen, including links to candidate statements from those who have sent them to The Warragul Citizen.

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