The Week that Was: Cheaper than an outdoor pool!
 Baw Baw News   By // 16:31, Friday 10 August 2012


The Baw Baw Shire Council has announced it will have to pay $3.63 million in 11 months for superannuation. It’s not the biggest bill the council has faced this year – don’t forget the $9 million Warragul outdoor pool project!

Drought effects live on:


V/Line is blaming the drought for leaks at the Warragul Railway Station. The damage to the building apparently had nothing to do with recent earthquake activity, so that’s that rumour shaken out.

TAFE cuts:

Two stories on the TAFE cuts this week:

The Wattleseed Training Restaurant may still close, despite GippsTAFE announcing its Waratah Restaurant in Morwell will remain open.


Since the story was published, GippsTAFE have told The Warragul Citizen the Wattleseed’s future is less certain because the building is leased, whereas the TAFE owns the land in Morwell.

The second story was that Ballarat Uni is proposing something a TAFE alliance which could include GippsTAFE. The aim is to allow more courses to run.

Wild weather:

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology twice warned Gippslanders of damaging winds; once on Sunday and again on Wednesday.

Fiddling with things:

The Fiddlehead Festival is seeking performers, stallholders and volunteers for next year’s show.

And don’t forget; Issue 6 of The Warragul Citizen is out now! There is more in the print edition than you find online.

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