Child airlifted after Jindivick fire explosion
 Baw Baw News   By // 19:34, Sunday 15 July 2018

A five-year-old was airlifted to hospital after a paint can exploded on a fire in Jindivick last weekend.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 4.15pm on Sunday 8 July despite the a parent doing “everything right.”

A police spokesperson said two boys, aged two and five, were being taught fire safety by their dad at an open fire on the family’s land.


The father was “quite diligent trying to supervise the boys, explaining what should and should not be thrown on a fire,” the spokesperson said.

Despite this, one of the boys apparently threw an aerosol paint can on the fire. The can then exploded.

The oldest son was close to the fire at the time of the explosion and suffered second degree burns to around three per cent of their face. They were airlifted to the Royal Children’s Hospital for treatment.

The incident has prompted police to remind parents of the importance of supervising children around fire.


“The father’s done everything right and has been fairly diligent, and provided advice to the boys,” the spokesperson said.

While “scary for all involved,” the family was “quite lucky” given what could have happened.

“These things can happen quickly.”

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