Dog theft markings likely a prank: police
 Baw Baw News   By // 04:20, Tuesday 25 February 2014

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MARKINGS associated with organised dog theft reported in Drouin and Longwarry are probably part of a prank, according to local police.

A police spokesperson told The Warragul Citizen no dogs had been taken from properties which reported markings consistent with those left by dog thieves on their fences.

Markings are left as an indicator of a viable theft target.


“It appears to be a Facebook/social media thing and people are picking up on it and leaving marks around on places,” the spokesperson said.

“Reports of markings in Drouin and Longwarry areas have been made.

“Figures [of how many reports there have been] are not available as incidents are not reported other than for information of occurrences, ie no damage caused in most cases.”

Concerns about dog thieves have been raised elsewhere in Gippsland, however reports in South Gippsland have been labelled a hoax.


Pets are stolen for a number of reasons, including sale of purebred animals, reward claims and fighting.

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