Drought blamed for Warragul Railway Station damage
 Baw Baw News   By // 21:40, Tuesday 7 August 2012

REPAIRS TO THE Warragul Railway Station following water damage last month are expected to be finished this week, with the drought being blamed for the weakness.

Rain ravages rendering: A view of the now-repaired staff office wall. Damage to the rendering was particularly bad in the area near the smoke alarm. Photos: Will Kulich.

A V/Line spokesperson told The Warragul Citizen old bricks allowed moisture into the building.

“With the return of rain following the drought the old bricks have allowed moisture in and weakened rendering on the inside of the station, inside the staff and ticket office,” the spokesperson said.

“The wall facing Melbourne (which is the back wall of the staff office) bears the brunt of the weather.”

Repairs started on June 25 and are expected to be completed “in the next few days.”


“We had to go through and check the entire wall and see if it was safe, and then remove the old rendering by hand and re-apply it,” the spokesperson said.

The timing of the damage with recent earthquake activity is a coincidence.

“We believe it was a coincidence this has occurred after the earthquake earlier this year,” the spokesperson said.

The Warragul Railway Station is a heritage listed building.

Plastic protection: The usual view of the staff office ceiling seen by commuters is sealed off during repairs.

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