Drouin drunk driver speeding because he 'felt like some KFC'
 Baw Baw News   By // 14:43, Sunday 20 April 2014

warragul police sign the warragul citizen by william kulich

A 30-year-old Drouin man who had “been drinking all day and felt like some KFC” will be charged with traffic offences after being caught driving three times over the limit and speeding this morning.

The man returned a preliminary breath test reading of 0.151 per cent after being pulled over in Drouin East by police who had detected him driving at 83km/h in a 70km/h zone at around 3.15am.

A Victoria Police spokesperson said the roads were wet and slippery at the time of the incident, which was the driver’s second drink driving offence.


After being pulled over the man told police he had “been drinking all day and felt like some KFC.”

The spokesperson said the man did not have a licence at the time of the incident and had been driving a friend’s car, which was impounded and will be held for 30 days.

It will cost the owner of the car nearly $1,300 to retrieve the vehicle at the end of the impound period.

Senior Constable Jerome Bain-King said in a media release police were not impressed by the man’s excuse.


“No amount of KFC is worth killing someone over,” he said.

“The only good to come out of this was that the driver was taken off the road without incident, because this was potentially a tragedy in the making.

“A combination of wet roads, speed, alcohol and a disregard for the law do not make for a happy Easter.”

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