Family violence, vehicle theft, drug offences and road fatality stats up in Baw Baw
 Baw Baw News   By // 13:05, Wednesday 29 February 2012

Figures released by Victoria Police this month show increases in the number of reported family violence cases, motor vehicle thefts and drug offences in the Baw Baw Police Service Area (PSA).

Reported incidences of family violence in Baw Baw rose from 49 recorded offences in 2010 to 147 in 2011, a 200 per cent increase.


Vehicle thefts rose 43.1 per cent from 58 recorded offences in 2010 to 83 in 2011, while drug offences rose 34.5 per cent from 87 recorded offences to 117.

The number of recorded road fatalities rose from 4 in the October 2009/September 2010 period to 14 in the October 2010/September 2011 period; however total injuries decreased by 3.4 per cent.

Road fatalities in the Baw Baw PSA are 6.4 times higher than the state average.


Other crime reductions in the 2010-11 period include theft from motor vehicle, down 39.8 per cent, non-family violence assault cases, down 7.2 per cent, and residential burglaries, down 13.4 per cent.

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