First Warragul Arts Market held at Queen Street Park
 Baw Baw News   By // 23:33, Saturday 19 November 2011

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A high note for a wet weekend. The inaugural Warragul Arts Market was held at Queen Street Park today, attracting an impressive number of visitors despite the terrible weather.

The new market, run by the Baw Baw Arts Alliance with the assistance of the Baw Baw Shire Council, seeks to help raise the profile of local artists.

Well obviously getting recognition and exposure and tell the community that we’re here, and to promote the Arts Alliance as a whole.


The market will run on the third Saturday of each month from October to March, however October’s market was cancelled due to poor weather.

Eight of the fifteen artists expected to attend today were able to work with the weather, but with a capacity for 50 stalls Arts Alliance President Jessie McLennan is hoping for many more in the future.

On an ideal day we’d have capacity stalls representing stalls representing artists in the whole of the Baw Baw Shire and beyond, and to have various music acts and performing arts using the stage.

This is the first regular market to be held in Warragul for many years, and seeks to create a more vibrant community and culture, improve the local economy through tourism and provide an outlet for local artists.

There hasn’t been anything like this in Warragul for a long time; for as long as I’ve known Warragul hasn’t had anything like this so it’s a first and this is a real celebration, even if it is raining today.

The weather is unfortunate but it hasn’t been enough to put off hardcore arts fans.

[1] Well I’m quite impressed really, especially with the stall holders with the weather being like it is but, I haven’t had a look around everywhere but quite impressed.
[2] Well I think there’s a good representation of what we have in the community here and I really admire them for being out in the weather.
[3/4] I’m having a great time/We’ve had our faces painted as you can see; and loving the weather. I love rain.

Stalls are provided free of charge to community arts groups.


William Kulich for the Warragul Citizen.

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