Former Warragul sergeant awarded Victoria Police Star nomination
 Baw Baw News   By // 20:41, Wednesday 4 June 2014

Chief Commissioner Ken Lay awarded former Sergeant Greg Maidment with a nomination for the Victoria Police Star at the Victoria Police Academy on 23 May via Victoria Police

FORMER Warragul Police sergeant Greg Maidment has been awarded with a nomination for the Victoria Police Star after being injured while on duty in 2009.

Above: CCP Lay (left) shakes Mr Maidment's hand at the award ceremony. Image supplied by Victoria Police.

Mr Maidment was presented with the award at the Victoria Police Academy last month by Victoria Police chief commissioner Ken Lay.


The Victoria Police Star is awarded to officers seriously injured or killed while on or off duty.

In January 2009 then-sergeant Maidment was arresting a person who was drunk in a public place when that person managed to break away and began climbing a wire fence.

Sgt Maidment took hold of one of the person’s arms to continue the arrest but the fence collapsed under their combined weight, injuring Sgt Maidment’s shoulder.

Extensive surgery was carried out on his shoulder but a full recovery was not achieved.


In February last year the Police Medical Office recommended Sgt Maidment be retired due to the injury.

He subsequently retired having served 28 years with Victoria Police. A local function was held in his honour.

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