Funding agreement continues legacy of bright councillor
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wolfeBAW Baw councillors have authorised shire CEO Helen Anstis to sign off on a $547,000 loan from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to help fund improvements to the council’s public lighting.

First published in the 10 April 2015 edition of the Warragul & Baw Baw Citizen.


The project, which involves the replacement of mercury vapour lights with a more energy efficient option, was included in the 2014/15 council budget at a cost of $1.226 million, with $489,000 coming from grant income and the rest funded by the council and the CEFC loan.

North ward councillor Peter Kostos said the project, while approved by this council, was the result of work by councillors on the previous council.

“This is the culmination of a project that was recommended by past [Warragul ward] councillor Tony Wolfe,” Cr Kostos said.

Cr Tony Wolfe on the European leg of his Euro-American public lighting research tour. Image: Supplied by Cr Wolfe.


Above: Cr Tony Wolfe on the European leg of his Euro-American public lighting research tour. Click here for more. Image supplied by Cr Wolfe.

“At that time the funding of it was out of council’s position, but as a result of considering this for a period of time more grants have become available.”

Warragul ward councillor Mikaela Power said the move would lessen the environmental cost of public lighting and save the council money too.

“This recommendation is in a sense a formality, but really it’s a step that shows it’s a significant amount of funds we’re spending, some of it our own,” Cr Power said.

“[This will save] 990 tonne of greenhouse gas emissions per annum.

“The construction of the replacements are lighter and easier to install and replace.”

Council documents show the lighting change is expected to reduce the council’s greenhouse gas emissions by 18 per cent, enabling it to meet its carbon reduction targets.

Cr Kostos said maintenance costs would be lower with the new lights.


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