July 2018 Snow Train: when to see steam in Baw Baw
 Baw Baw News   By // 03:42, Saturday 28 July 2018

One of the 2015 Snow Train services. Photo: author.

The first of two 2018 Snow Train tourist services will steam through Baw Baw today!

Volunteer-run organisation Steamrail runs the steam locomotive-hauled services, which bring tourists from the city to Gippsland to experience snow and other local attractions.

Steamrail has released a timetable for today’s run, but be aware this could change at any time. Keep an eye on the Steamrail Facebook page for any updates.


As of time of writing, here is when you can expect to see the train:

Melbourne – Traralgon:

Newport: 0715
Southern Cross Arr: 0733
Southern Cross Dep: 0739
Flinders Street Arr: 0743
Flinders Street Dep: 0746
Caulfield: 0800
Oakleigh: 0806
Dandenong: 0821
Pakenham: Arr 0846
Pakenham Dep: 0848
Warragul Arr: 0929
Warragul Dep: 0945
Moe Arr: 1010
Moe Dep: 1020
Traralgon: Arr 1105

Traralgon – Melbourne:


Traralgon: Dep 1652
Moe Arr: 1727
Moe Dep: 1733
Warragul: 1800
Pakenham: 1848
Dandenong: 1915
Caulfield: 1943
Flinders Street Arr: 1958
Flinders Street Dep: 2000
Southern Cross: 2004
Newport: 2023

Of course, if you miss today’s service you can try again when the Snow Train returns on Sunday 5 August!

Oh, and it should go without saying, but don’t stand in the rail corridor to watch the train come through. As Steamrail states on its social media: “It is IMPERATIVE that if you chose to see the train from a passenger platform, ensure you remain behind the yellow line at all times and if viewing the train line-side, ensure you do not enter the railway corridor or trespass at any time and remain well clear from the edge of any railway track, this includes railway sidings, yards (used & disused) and the main lines where trains pass by.

“Your cooperation will ensure we can post the times of our trains as well as continue to operate our heritage trains around Victoria.”

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