McMillan 2013 live blog – Saturday and Sunday
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vote count warragul north booth by william kulich for the warragul citizen

0120 Sun // With 78.08 per cent of ballots counted in McMillan Russell Broadbent’s provisional first preference vote is at 50.35 per cent with a two party preferred result of 54.21.

Pictured: AEC officials at the Warragul North booth pour lower house votes out of their box for counting. All photos by William PJ Kulich unless otherwise credited.


Mr Broadbent will be an MP in a Tony Abbott-led Liberal/National coalition government.

Here’s how McMillan’s candidates stand now:

David Amor (Katter’s Australian Party)1,8322.36 (+2.36)
Gary Patton (Senator Online)1560.20 (+0.20)
Ben Staggard (Sex Party)1,7192.21 (+2.13)
Malcolm McKelvie (The Greens)5,8407.51 (-1.96)
John Parker (Independent)1,0501.35 (+1.35)
Andrew Kis-Rigo (DLP)1,4401.85 (+1.85)
Matt Sherry (Palmer United)3,7574.83 (+4.83)
Norman Baker (Rise Up Australia)5360.69 (+0.69)
Russell Broadbent (Liberal)39,13250.35 (+1.29)
Anthony Naus (Australian Labor Party)19,52125.12 (-11.02)
Leigh Gatt (Independent)561
0.72 (-1.28)
Ross Fisher (Country Alliance)669
0.86 (+0.86)
Luke Conlon (Family First Party)1,507
1.94 (-1.31)
5.67 (+1.54)

The live blog will be updated as more information comes through – keep an eye out!

2110 Sat // On current counts the AEC is predicting a two party preferred swing of 7.49 per cent to Broadbent, bringing Naus’ 2PP vote down to 38.3 per cent.


Last election Labor’s 2PP result in McMillan was 45.79 per cent.

2055 Sat // Broadbent’s provisional primary vote has been in decline as counting has continued.

With 46.05 per cent of McMillan’s votes counted he has 49.78 per cent of ballots. Labor is on 25.42 and Green on 8.09.

The informal vote is up to 5.7 per cent.

2010 Sat // As counting continues Broadbent’s lead has reduced; with 20.39 per cent of votes counted he is sitting at 52.52 per cent (+0.14), Naus at 23.85 (Lab -9.66) and McKelvie at 7.85 (-1.89).

1905 Sat // Counting has begun around the electorate and very, very early results show Russell Broadbent may win the seat outright.

With a tiny 3.29 per cent of votes counted Broadbent has 60.46 per cent of the count (up 2.84 per cent), Naus 17.89 (down 11.14) and McKelvie at 8.08 (down 1.44).

Stay tuned.


1750 Sat // Booths across McMillan will close in 10 minutes, bringing an end to today’s campaigning but heralding the start of counting.

naus amor warragul citizen

Pictured: Anthony Naus with David Amor.

Greens candidate Malcolm McKelvie has visited Warragul and so has the rain, pushing campaigners undercover and bringing the usual election day cold weather.

campaigners under cover warragul north warragul citizen

Above: cold campaigners.

I caught up with former McMillan Labor MP Barry Cunningham earlier today; you can hear what he had to say about this election by clicking here.

I also talked to Russell Broadbent, Anthony Naus and the KAP’s David Amor – you can watch those interviews by clicking here.

The Warragul Citizen will be covering the count – keep checking the website for updates!

1330 Sat // The past few hours were packed with appearances at the Warragul Arts Centre booth – Russell Broadbent, Anthony Naus, Matt Sherry, David Amor, and Norman Baker all visited the booth in an attempt to win over voters.

norm baker and green crop william kulich warragul citizen

Pictured: Mr Baker (Rise Up Australia) also attempted to win over a Greens campaigner.

Former McMillan MP Barry Cunningham also voted at the booth – there will be an interview with him on the website later today.

There have been reports of long lines in Trafalgar.

With polls having opened at 0800 and closing at 1800 the day is only half finished! Stay tuned for more updates.

Some more photos below:

matt sherry pup william kulich warragul citizen

Above: PUP candidate Matt Sherry.

warragul north booth will kulich the warragul citizen newspaper

Above: banners outside the Warragul North Primary booth this morning.

1020 Sat // Polling has begun and already a large number of people have piled into Warragul voting centres to vote as candidates fly (not literally, of course) around the electorate.

voting warragul north booth mcmillan 2013 william kulich the warragul citizen

Pictured: voters line up in the Warragul North booth at 0805 this morning.

I caught up with Labor candidate Anthony Naus an hour ago – he said he was interested in seeing how the minor parties and independents go and seemed confident about his 2PP vote.

David Amor has made it to Warragul and is now on his way to Drouin. He may be back in Warragul at 1100 when Naus and Broadbent are expected to vote at the Arts Centre.

Greens candidate Malcolm McKelvie has voted in the west of the electorate – he sent through the picture below of him casting his vote:

mckelvie votes 2013

Above: Malcolm McKelvie voting. Photo sent in by Dr McKelvie.

More to come in the next hour or so – stay tuned!

0500 Sat // Election day 2013 is upon us! The Warragul Citizen’s live blog will keep you updated on what happens in McMillan during the day so don’t forget to check back here occasionally to see what has happened in the electorate.

warragul early voting 4 john parker william kulich for the warragul citizen

Pictured: John Parker (independent) handing out how to vote cards yesterday afternoon.


A number of candidates told The Warragul Citizen where they will be today and when:

– David Amor (KAP) will start in Korumburra before heading to Warragul after 9am for around half an hour. He will then hop over to Drouin to campaign with his mum at around 1030 and will ultimately end up in Pakenham.

– Gary Patton (Senator Online) will not visit any voting booths; instead he will be taking part in an “activity” to support workers locked out by Energy Australia at the Yallourn W Power Station.

– Benjamin Staggard (Sex Party) will be campaigning for another candidate in another electorate.

– Malcolm McKelvie (Greens) will start the day at the Uniting Church in Pakenham, will visit Nyora later in the morning and will reach Warragul at around 1400.

– John Parker (independent) visited booths in Wonthaggi and Warragul yesterday and will travel around the electorate today.

– Andrew Kis-Rigo (DLP) said he will be in Pakenham for most of the day.

– Matt Sherry (Palmer United) will begin election day in Port Franklin. After finishing there he will head to Wonthaggi and other South Gippsland towns before visiting Pakenham, Warragul and Moe.

– Russell Broadbent (Liberal) will start in Pakenham before voting in Warragul at around 1100. After voting he will head toward South Gippsland.

– Anthony Naus (Labor) will join Russell Broadbent to vote in Warragul and will play the rest of the day by ear.

– Leigh Gatt’s (independent) day will start in Moe, heading to Wonthaggi later in the morning. He will then work his way back home via Pakenham, Warragul, Drouin, Buln Buln and other towns.

The size of the electorate means some stops may be brief.

Polls open at 0800 and close at 1800 and voting is compulsory, so don’t forget to turn up if you have not voted already!

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