Motion for M1 noise assessment defeated
 Baw Baw News   By // 23:45, Wednesday 23 May 2012

Households near the M1 between Warragul and Longwarry will not have council lobbying with them for a noise assessment after a motion to lobby VicRoads was defeated.

A motion by Councillor Patricia Jones asking the Baw Baw Shire Council to lobby VicRoads for a noise assessment following the removal of trees from the road was narrowly defeated by council last fortnight.


Cr Jones said residents’ attempts to contact VicRoads about noise problems have fallen on deaf ears.

“Obviously VicRoads have been contacted about this particular problem but they seem not to believe trees have [any] significant impact on noise,” Cr Jones said.

But Councillor Tony Wolfe argued if VicRoads found an issue, the body’s response could be worse for residents than the noise.

“What happens if we actually find out there is an issue? Vic Roads… will come along and put barriers along the road, and I’m not tipping that would be the best outcome for the residents,” Cr Wolfe said.


“I’m a bit concerned we’re a bit out of our level; this is a VicRoads issue.

“Our advice should be for [community members] to talk to VicRoads.”

The motion was defeated with only two of the seven councillors present supporting it.

Councillors Jones and Peter Kostos supported the motion, while Councillors Wolfe, Diane Blackwood, Julie Grant, and Adam Tyson voted against.

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