Moustache fan copped local abuse
 Baw Baw News   By // 01:47, Saturday 10 December 2011

First published in Issue 2 of The Warragul Citizen. (28 September 2011.)
Issue 3 coming out Monday afternoon.

The creator of a popular Warragul-centric Facebook page says they feel “terrible” after being abused for creating the page.

The page, “The man who works at Warragul Post Office and his moustache,” is a fan page for Australia Post employee Mick, whose endearing personality and notable facial hair has become a talking point around town.


Despite taking a positive approach to the page, the page’s creator told the Warragul Citizen that they have been attacked by some members of the community for an alleged invasion of privacy.

“It was just made for a bit of fun between friends, but a few months later I noticed the page started to skyrocket in the amount of fans it was getting,” the page’s creator said.

“To be honest, this scared me a lot as I didn’t think that would ever happen. I also had a lot of people liking the page just to say I was invading his privacy and treating me like I was an awful person or some sort of stalker for making the page.”

The page’s creator has asked not to be identified, citing the negative responses.


In response to the concerns about privacy, the page’s creator contacted Mick to supply him with their contact information, should he ever want the page changed or removed.

The page’s creator has also been keeping a close eye on the comments on the page.

“Since noticing the page was getting a huge fan response I have been checking it daily to make sure there are no unfriendly posts, or posts with any personal information in them and if there are I delete them straight away,” the page’s creator said.

“Luckily there haven’t been many of these kinds of problems.”

The page already has over 1,000 likes. If you would like to show your love for Mick, the page can be accessed via

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