No bull: Malcolm Turnbull talked to The Warragul Citizen
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Downloading Drouin: Malcolm Turnbull was in Drouin in August to officially activate a new high-speed internet connection. Photo: William Kulich.

SHADOW Minister for Communications and Broadband Malcolm Turnbull was in Drouin in August to officially activate the first high-speed internet connection at housing estate Jackson’s View.

Scroll down for video: Malcolm Turnbull interviewed by The Warragul Citizen.

Mr Turnbull flew in by helicopter to switch on the connection from commercial operator OptiComm.


Despite pushing the option as a viable service, during a demonstration Skype call to Tasmania the connection dropped out several times.

The Warragul Citizen interviewed Mr Turbull after the demonstration, asking why he believes the Coalition’s policy of letting markets drive broadband investment will benefit regional Australia.

Is it a bird? Is it…: Malcolm Turnbull arrives in Drouin by helicopter. Photo: William Kulich.

“We will certainly eliminate any barriers to competition,” Mr Turnbull said.


“That’s not to say we can’t make people install competitive fixed-line networks if they don’t want to, but at the moment the Government’s created a lot of barriers to it.”

Mr Turnbull identified wireless as an area where competition will increase, however said it would not deliver all the services offered by the Government’s National Broadband Network.

“Wireless is not going to be a cost-effective means… of watching masses of HD television,” Mr Turnbull said.

“It depends on the bandwidth you’ve got. In some parts of Australia you’ve got very very good bandwidth 4G.

When asked if he believes wireless could be the solution for West Gippsland, Mr Turnbull said “if you’ve got the infrastructure deployed, wireless can deliver anything… but the question is all about the cost.

“It’s not religion, it’s what is the most cost-effective in each location.”

Click here to watch the full interview and the connection drop-outs.

Watch an edited version of Mr Turnbull’s speech and the full interview below:


First published in Issue 7 of The Warragul Citizen, 5 October 2012.

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