Palmer candidate emphasises party's similarities with KAP
 Baw Baw News   By // 16:18, Friday 6 September 2013

matt sherry palmer united by tom gibbons for the warragul citizen

PALMER United Party candidate for McMillan Matthew Sherry has outlined what his party stands for while acknowledging his party is “very similar” to the Katter’s Australian Party.

Pictured: Matt Sherry speaking at the GetUp! community forum in Warragul last month. Photo by Thomas Gibbons.


At a community forum in Warragul last month Mr Sherry said it was unfortunate the PUP and KAP party leaders are adversaries.

“We’re on pretty much the same page as the Katter party so our views are very similar in a lot of areas, but unfortunately Bob and Clive butt heads,” Mr Sherry said.

Mr Sherry claimed Palmer United had more experience in its policy development team than other parties.

“There are a lot of issues affecting families and small businesses across the seat of McMillan, from climate change, unemployment, the economy all the way across to the asylum seekers,” he said.


“What Palmer United has done that other parties haven’t is that we’ve got a broad range of real life experience.

“We have teachers and educations working on the education policies, we have small business owners working on real solutions to help the mum and dad businesses across the area, defence personnel who have first hand experience looking into the eyes of the asylum seekers as they’re being plucked out of the waters around Christmas Island.”

Mr Sherry said the economy was one of the “big issues” facing the country and the government and opposition only have “one solution – raising taxes”. He said reducing taxes would increase employment and ultimately increase tax revenue.

“Palmer United is all about giving the people of this country a real choice, a third major party for you to choose from,” he said.

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