Passer-by finds missing person near Walhalla
 Baw Baw News   By // 19:46, Saturday 20 January 2018

A Dandenong person who went missing on their trip to Wonthaggi last week was found safe near Walhalla.

The 84-year-old set off from their home at 10.30am on 10 January, but was reported missing at 6pm.

“At 10pm contact was made with the missing person and they stated they had nearly run out of petrol and their phone was nearly flat,” the spokesperson told the Baw Baw Citizen.


“They were told to stop and wait for police to attend.

Police ran checks on the missing person’s mobile, and by 10.30pm “believed them to be near the Maiden Town Track in Walhalla.”

“Police conducted an extensive search of that area until 4.30am using the Neerim South Police 4WD and police air wing with no luck.

“At 8am on the 11th police recommenced the physical search and at 10am the missing person was located safe and well by passer by outside of the search area.”


The missing person was given a medical check-up and declared “fine.”

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