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 Baw Baw News   By // 18:32, Thursday 20 June 2013

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WARRAGUL Police has wrapped up a road safety operation after issuing 122 drivers with penalty notices during two and a half months of increased police presence on the region’s roads.

Baw Baw Highway Patrol Sergeant David Burton said in a media release Operation Henners was aimed at reducing the number of fatal serious injuries on Baw Baw’s rural roads.


“Many of these accidents are single vehicles running off the road,” Sgt Burton said.

“These accidents are usually due to speed, alcohol, fatigue, loss of concentration or driver inexperience.

“The operation consisted of extra patrols on the days of the week having the greater number of these types of accident… Friday Saturday Sunday and Monday.”

The TAC-funded operation ran from 18 March until 1 June.


“During the operation 440 extra preliminary breath tests were conducted on rural roads,” Sgt Burton said.

“Another 252 drivers were spoken to with another 112 drivers being issued with penalty notices.

“Penalty notices were issued for offences such as Alcohol, speed and other traffic offences and 7 defect notices were issued.”

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