Power returns earlier than predicted in Baw Baw, planned outages to come
 Baw Baw News   By // 07:39, Monday 10 February 2014

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POWER has been returned to homes in Baw Baw significantly earlier than estimated but some towns around Warragul can expect planned outages today.

Above: Warragul (almost) without light. Smith Street at around 11pm. By William PJ Kulich. Click here to view The Warragul Citizen’s photo gallery of the night.

Power was cut after 9pm last night and the state’s emergency warning website, Vic Emergency, estimated restoration would occur by 7pm today.


Although some emergency lighting remained street lights, traffic lights and domestic and commercial power across the shire went out.

Planned outages are now expected to affect parts of Warragul, Lillico, Nilma, Nilma North and Darnum between 9am and 1pm today.

UPDATE 0803: the planned outage for Warragul has been cancelled.




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Baw Baw’s power could remain cut until tomorrow evening


POWER to towns across Baw Baw has been cut and may not be restored until tomorrow evening.The emergency.vic.gov.au website says the power cut, which occurred around 50 minutes ago, has affected large parts of the state.

Power is not expected to be restored until 7pm tomorrow.

All towns in Baw Baw are affected, including the Warragul CBD.

A previous estimated restoration time said power would be returned by around 10am tomorrow.

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