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BAW Baw Shire councillors accepted the Q2 2014/15 Quarterly Performance Report at Wednesday’s council meeting.

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The aim of the report was to brief the shire and the community on the council’s progress in achieving the objectives outlined in the 2013-2017 council plan.

Council plan projects highlighted in the report included:
• From the 37 initiatives that were identified in the council plan and budget, seven were achieved and 28 are currently in progress. The remaining two have not yet commenced.
• Implementation of completed service reviews continues. Of the 126 identified improvement actions, 46 have been achieved, 52 are in progress, 24 are not yet commenced and two have been deferred.
Corporate performance measures
• There was a noted increase in work cover hours, decrease in the time taken to decide planning permit applications and a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.

Community Services
• The Arts Centre hosted 33 community productions or events, 10 commercial productions and 11 productions presented as part of the arts program, compared with 37 community, 13 commercial hire and 11 arts program events in the same period last year.

Corporate Services and Organisation Development
• Implementation of an enterprise budgeting solution was considered, which would enable enhanced budgeting for controlling approved salaries and full time approved staff positions.


Community Information and Advocacy
• A trial report for the first quarter of 2014/15 was prepared against the Local Government Performance Reporting Framework and submitted to the state government.

Community Assets
• A new initiative of joint inspection teams from Local Laws and the Fire Management Team from Latrobe City Council has allowed further inspections into strategic risk areas indicated by the Victoria Fire Risk Registry assessments, across both the Baw Baw and Latrobe localities.
• A trial of the application of dust suppressant additives in lieu of the “black re-sheet’ program to manage dust issues on unsealed roads. Works have been completed on the Labertouche North Road and East West Road with good results.

Growth and Development
• A total of 96 footpath trading permits have been received.
• The Public Health Unit issued 728 renewals of registration for all food, accommodation, hair/skin and beauty community groups and businesses in October for the 2015 registration period.

More on the report can be found on the council website,

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